Yamaha FXHO 2007 major hull damage repair job: (Feb 2010)

As featured in Jetskier &PW magazine March 2010 issue (5 pages).


Before, note cracks on top curve                                                   After. Reflecting everything. profile curve spot on.

hole edges stressed                                                                        bad areas taken out and foam

edges feathered                                                                                inner side grp'd 

outer edges grp being layed, chines need rebuilding                        front hole build up from inside, front curve build up too

more laminations layed down                                                           sanded back between layers, keeping datums

taking back around datums to finish cracks                                    foam fill overflowing and more lamination

front hole laminated                                                                        sand back and shaping curves and chines

powder mix resin filler coat (no car filler at all)                                resin filling nooks and crannies

curves match from bow                                                                final sanding

first primer, shows pin-holes on close up                                         filled pin-holes and full primer

2-pack paint applied and buffed                                                    glossy reflections

on trailer                                                                                        underside showing curves match (raining)

All waxed up underneath (yellow is reflection)

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